11 May, 2009

Changing Blog

I am now using another blog due to the name i have for this blog.but its ok. My new blog for now is at here See ya...

04 January, 2009

My All In 1 Post Part 1

Well.i haven been lately updating my blog for quite a long time though.So I shall post a long one on what i did in the holidays. So i went to quite a lot of places. I went to KL to attend my cousin's wedding. They are having a formal type of wedding though.Here are some pics of the event. My bro,and my cousins from KL Top : cousin from Australia, 4th aunt and 2nd aunt. 6th aunt and cousins. My bro with my cousins... My bro wan act cool sial..... The Bride and The Bridegroom. Then I went to KL again to have a christmas party in uncle's house. We went to my aunt house first to stay awhile. There's the Pool... Look at this View. All Stainless Steel Utensils... The living Room..
The first two pictures are from my 4th aunt house.While the other 2 pictures are from my 6th aunt house.
My mom got quite drunk. All of my mom's sister dancing to a song.(RARE SCENE) Next we went to Mid Valley.When We went there.it was snowing!! (obviously fake!) Snow! XD The decorations are quite nice. Next My family went to Kluang ,Johor to visit my sister who is in NS(national service)(Khidmat Negara)But First, I wanted to try the Kluang Coffee.Its kinda famous in Kluang itself.Its really delicious to drink.
The Famous Kluang Coffee!! I ate Fried Mee at there.Looks ugly but tastes delicious. Well. I'll stop for now.kinda need to sleep now, have to go to school though.. nite all and wish you all a great new start for a happy new year.

01 November, 2008

Getting Busy By The Holidays

Since PMR is over.I had too many things to do lately. I know we have to enjoy ourselves but some of us are still worried abt our results. Well.I kinda don't know what to do these days.I've got too many plans to do but i don't know which one. Lately I was finding a job with my friends but we were not old enuf to work in public.So... My friends and i were going to find a job after the holidays to earn money and maybe go enjoy ourselves with the money ^^ Well I kinda have to stop posting for now.I'll try to keep up-to-date . Till then.Cya all

17 September, 2008

The day at the temple

My mom forced me and my sis to follow her to a buddhist temple,I declined the offer to go to see the monks make the Sand Mandala. I cant go bcoz i have a study group to go with at the library.So.. She was so pissed off and FORCED us to come with us.i decided to go to the temple for awhile and left and go to the library about 11.30 a.m.I came late. While in the library, I was going into the library but the library has technical difficulties so we have to go out of the library ,i was so pissed by my friends because i and my other Friend ,KK was at the library hall waiting for my other two friends.
Then my other friends stated that there are in a Cyber Cafe because the library was out.Me and KK went to the food court to hav breakfast,I was so hungry that time.
After that,I called my friends to meet me at a school called Keh Seng,I and KK went to Keh Seng first and helped KK's mom that works in the school canteen.
these are some pictures my sister took when i was in the library that day.

This Blog Is Coming Alive

Well..I'm going to start my blog again.This morning i had a meeting by my club's president. Then suddenly ,i became Penolong bendahari woh, i didn't knew i was Assistant Treasurer, I was kinda shocked, I tought she was going to scold me for not coming for the meeting but she said i was A.Treasurer??
This Year's school life is kinda hard for me because everybody keep thinking about the big test(PMR). So I have to study study study until eyes even pop out
This Week I'm going to the Library again.Kinda boring keep going to the library...I been to the library for about every weekends now. haihzzz
By the way.just to tell you guys that its me,I placed a picture of me.

03 October, 2007

School holiday for Form 2 SUCKS

well,i say tat bcoz my life at home is totally BORING, but i kinda like the outside world other than the life in school mostly everyday.... i'm a outside person, so i dun lik going to schools coz its not nature... So tis are my holidays doing.. Monday, I woke up at 7.00 a.m. ,follow my mom send my sis to school (Form 4),then i went home then i watch tv abt 2 hours( BORING ) then i follow my mom to a make up shop,but i was outside coz its humilating to be in a girl's make up shop...evening! ,went playing badminton wif my frens, after that watch tv and watch tv and again and again and again... then sleep...zzzzzz Tuesday, I woke up at 8.30 a.m. , went to my fren house and hang out a little,then tv tv tv tv, then badminton then sleep sleep sleep....zzzzz Today(Wednesday), woke up 9.00 a.m.,watch abit tv, went jogging and then i played badminton in the evening ,then sleep,BORING.... i didnt write wad i eat, unless u WAN TO KNOW WAD I EAT. So This week holiday sucks man..

The Results

Well ,this is the results on sunday,we went to Jusco and played some games,he use his own money and i use mine, then we went to kfc,he went to buy the cheesy wedges and ask me to pay then i said no,but h keep asking no,well u guys noe that i'm a full-hearted person after all and i giv ppl stuff and i accept apologies and whatsoever... SO i gave him some $$ to buy some cheesy wedges then we live happpily ever after.. haha i tink now he now know he felt tat i am wasting my $$ 4 juz a lousy stuff lik games and food...